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What NOT to do, Pt. 1

A note to all the boys out there that prefer to bottom, occasionally bottom, will one day bottom, fantasize about bottoming, or will ever meet me: Stop squeezing your fucking legs together!

I've met too many boys that are willing, wanting, waiting, craving, accepting, desiring to bottom... and then when everybody's in position, start squeezing their legs together resisting what's happening.  Gentlemen, please, if you're not willing to do it right, please just say so and we can do "other things"... but if you want it, then geezus fucking christ, LET IT HAPPEN already! Open your legs, pull'em back, tilt yourself up, and lets do this! We can work out where exactly everything else goes, what we're doing, what's happening, etc... but if I'm only getting 1" in, the fun is just gone.  I'd rather not spend our time together wishing you'd let me get the rest in so that I just might have a POSSIBILITY of actually having an orgasm. I'm open to hearing "faster", "slower", "harder", "easier"... and I promise if we work together on this, we'll both end with an "OMFG" moment.

I want this to be a good experience for both of us.  This means (in my mind anyway), that I want to kiss you, touch you, look at you, feel you, play with you, and all the other things that imply a face-to-face encounter (though obviously mixing it up a bit is great once we get the basics down).  I can't do that if I'm fighting your scissor-lock on your ass. Are you embarrassed?  Please don't be... it's gay sex, and no matter how good we think we are, no matter how hard we try, no matter how clean we make attempts to be or what preparatory rituals we perform, shit happens. Lets both acknowledge that we know what we're doing, that we know what we're getting into, and just let go of the inhibitions and enjoy it for everything it's worth.

So please, if you're gonna do it, lets do it right for both of us... and if that means not doing IT, then lets just say so and have a good time in other ways.  I'm okay with that. Really.  Thanks. :)
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