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Previous Entry KoC Jan. 23rd, 2004 @ 10:20 am Next Entry
Last night was a total kick in the ass!! :)

I went with spawrhawk to "KoC", aka, King of Clubs... apparent fagbar extroidinaire in the southbay (okay... Mountain View, but I'm not sure that counts as peninsula). and of course, Mikey just ran the show. :) It was fun to be with "the guy" as he was in his element, and I was his introductee... It's like being introducted to all your friends by the Queen of England herself (no pun intended)...

I know Mike's gonna be bashful about all of this... and that only adds to his charm... but he totally did give me the best introduction with a built in group of friends :)

Now I have to deal with my hangover :P
Current Mood: Hungover
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