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off in never never land...

To all of my fans out there... I'd say "you know who you are"... but rather, lets go with "if any of you exist"...

I'm sorry I haven't been writing. I'm sorry I haven't responded to emails. I'm sorry I haven't replied to text messages or phone calls. I'd love to tell you that I've been to busy... but I'd be lying. I'd love to say that I'll call you soon and we'll hang out or something, but again, lying. I'd say that I'm uber depressed or something, but definitely lying.

The honest truth is that I'm just completely preoccupied on weekdays, and weekends seem to just disappear or get booked up. Weekdays the routine is 7am gym, work, 5:30pm gym, and then by the time I get home it's time for dinner, tv, and bed. On the weekends I have some semblance of a routine, and value the time that I spend doing what I do, but I'm starting to feel the pull of wanting a broader social life.

So to that end, I'd like to ask for help. If you know of something cool to do, if you'll be doing something cool/fun, if you're hanging out with interesting, fun, and decent people, and if you feel like adding another person to the entourage, let me know. I'm more inclined to do things that aren't going to kill me, won't leave me in a horrible state the next day, or require more physical exertion than I'm prepared to contribute. All rules subject to change without notice. Cheaper is better.

So... what's going on around the bay area for the next few weekends? What's there to do? :)
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