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the anti-gymbunny


Previous Entry the anti-gymbunny Jan. 23rd, 2004 @ 04:24 pm Next Entry
&lj;insert "been going to the gym" story here>

Somewhere around last week I seem to have lost my inspiration... it's just not exciting anymore... I've lost those "highs" that come with it... the results aren't instantaneous and dramatic anymore... I'm not seeing the fat "melt away" ("What fat?!" you say... well yeah, I'm thin, but there's still some choice collection spots that need to go away).

I keep telling myself that it's just the lull between the highs... and that I'll get through it... that these are the moments that define those that can continue on and see real results. That this is what I want for myself right now... and that I DO look better (and I know I do). But it's still hard sometimes... enthusiasm wanes... effort diminishes... results diminish... etc. I don't want this to be a fad for myself... I like what I'm doing... I like how I look... I like how I feel (well, present complaint excluded)...

Maybe I honestly just need someone to go with... someone that can tell me to get over myself and push for that extra rep... or help me notice the increase in weight... Personal trainers are SOOO expensive...

I just got back from the mirror. I've got pecs... didn't have those before...

oi... I'm stopping now. I'm fine... I'm doing well... I'll deal. :)
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