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When I bump into someone that has even the most remote semblance of "celebrity" about them, I try to give them a wide berth... I can only imagine a life constantly surrounded by people that want your picture, your autograph, your ass... whatever. While on one hand it might seem exciting to be desired by people, I try to see the other side, and give people the space that I don't think they would otherwise get. I don't want your photograph, that last bit of sandwich you left on your plate, the towel you threw from the stage (ew). If anything, I want to know the person that isn't the show, that isn't the job, that isn't who's on stage. That's more important to me.

...and yet bumping into the uber-hot aspiring celeb that just happens to live nearby, I'm thinking of the ways I have to get ahold of him... his website... his email address... his myspace... bla bla bla... and use these methods to contact him in some false thought that I'm somehow "special" from the hundreds or of people he's talked to... that maybe I could rope him into a date or coffee or something like that... and I feel conflicted.

To do so seems to contradict the ideals I have about meeting celebs. Granted, I think the main reason I'm interested is because he's uber-hot... but if he were any other John Doe, I wouldn't have nearly the mechanisms to get ahold of him, and I wouldn't be just another face in a sea of thousands of messages he no doubt gets. It's not that I feel I'm not noticeable or worth getting to know... quite the contrary... but when you're being hit with a hundred at once, I'd just be fanning the flames.

This is one of those situations that you just have to let go. That's okay, really... happens all the time. But it sucks to feel like you're losing out on something BECAUSE of success.
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