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Previous Entry Retainer Jun. 1st, 2007 @ 11:20 am Next Entry
my teeth hurt :(

since invisalign, I've had braces on the top and a retainer on the bottom teeth. Unfortunately, I keep breaking the bottom retainer. I've been able to wear the "broken" one to keep things roughly together, but even that's not perfect, and the fact that every "new" retainer is based on where my teeth are at that moment has led to a mild misalignment of where I ended things before.

Re-enter Invisalign. Since everything they do is computer generated, they can whip up a retainer based on EXACTLY what my final aligner positioning should be/have been.

I just got it today. Can you say OUCH boys and girls? It's amazing how the slightest little bit of movement throws things out of whack... and apparently I was more than a little. They had to force it on, and now I'm in ache ache aching pains.

It'll go away in a couple of days tops, and in the meantime there's tylenol... but dayum... it fuckin hurts!
Current Mood: sickouch
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