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Pictures of Us...

Simple statement: If I'm having sex with a really hot boy, I enjoy recording it.

Now that you have half the bad boys of movies running through your head, let me clarify: This doesn't happen very often, and only happens with their permission.

That being said, I love having a video of whatever it is we were doing... not only for the thrill of being watched... but for the thrill of watching. It's WAY better than any porn I could possibly download. Crappy quality... bad lighting... raw and direct... sincere, pure, unscripted lust in it's most intense fashion. At the same time, I also enjoy watching this porn. Given the choice between porn with my fave stars or a vid of me with a boy, I'll take my vid every time.

This isn't egotistical... I don't think I'm super hot or anything (tho if I've tried to record it, they probably are :P)... it's the fact that unlike porn, where I'm imaging what a situation might be like, or how hot it might be... with my own porn I have the actual memory of what it WAS like. No question... I know what touching that skin is like... what kissing those lips are like... I have a direct memory of the passion and the intensity of that exact moment... and watching my own porn gives me a chance to relive that moment, and all the pleasure that came with it.

So what's the point of all this? Why can't more people be willing/interested/curious in showing off for the camera a little? Why are we all so shy? Why can't others share this impression?

...and fwiw... no, I don't/won't share. :P
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