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As Requested: Music

Special thanks to micahblitz for asking "Tell us about some music you've been listening to and what sort of vibe you get from it. Furthermore, tell us about how you found out about any particular artist that you find appealing and what makes them so good."

Anyone that has spent more than five minutes with me in a car knows that I'm a trance whore. Complete, total, take-it-in-the-ass, moan-in-pleasure-for-five-guys-at-once kinda whore. That being said, I actually have some pretty diverse interests, though they fall mostly into the electronic genres, admittedly. I'm usually listening for one of three things: A catchy tune that just won't get out of my head all day, vocals that will inspire me to not care about what the other people at the stoplight think, or some massively important, valuable, or compelling statement made by the song.

The current winner has to be P!nk - U + Ur Hand. Cheesy? Yes. Fun? ABSOLUTELY! What's nice is that it's not only catchy, but I can sing along to it screaming at the top of my lungs, AND it makes a reasonable statement about independence and just going out for yourself rather than to hookup, be picked up on, or any of that. The "I'm just here to have fun so get the fuck away from me" mantra is one we should be singing along to more often.

On the other hand, Royksopp - Remind Me has become my chill, smooth, hang out, I'm-too-cool-to-care-that-it-came-from-a-geico-commercial song. (special thanks to jetboyca for finding it).

Others that top my list:
  • Goldfrapp - Ooh La La who's classic bass guitar rift drives you straight through the edge-ridden airy vocals
  • Amy Winehouse - Rehab blows me away because of how raw, ironic, and frighteningly black it is (in a good, only-black-people-have-that-level-of-soul kind of way) for a white chick.
  • Wynonna Judd - I Want To Know What Love Is is what every fat woman should do when faced with her own girth. I dunno if she's lost weight, but the power she manages to belt out in a song with such intense lyrics made me cry the first time I saw it, even if it was on Oprah.
  • Peter Samuels - Thunderstorm is what helps me channel my inner hemp-skirt-with-birkenstocks-on-my-way-to-wicca-blessed-be lesbian... but I can turn this on for an hour, read, and just smell the imaginary hot chocolate as I relax into another world illuminated by candlelight.
Hopefully that answers the question. :) *hugs* :)
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