KuteLuvr (kuteluvr) wrote,


I'm so completely sick of people playing the victim.

Sure... occasionally there is true victimization. Stray bullet kills you... not your fault. Kitty gets hit by a car... not your fault. Airplane crashes through your roof killing your family... out of your control. Leader of the free world goes in war-spree through your country... not your insanity. Feel free to bitch at your convenience.

But most of the time, when we say we "can't", the truth is we're choosing not to. When we say we're stuck in some situation, we're choosing to pay the price because we like the benefits.

Keep getting sick because taking your meds is too inconvenient? You're CHOOSING to make your convenience a higher priority than your heath. Turning tricks to pay rent in a city you can't afford to live in? You're CHOOSING to sacrifice yourself in favor of your location. No social life because your high-paying job takes 16 hours a day? You're CHOOSING money over a social calendar. No money because you're unemployed and you're too good for McDonalds or Starbucks? You're CHOOSING to be broke because you won't work somewhere. Sure... the alternative isn't pretty either. In fact, it may down right suck. But don't be delusional... you're making a choice, even if you don't like it.

...but don't sit there telling me that you don't have a choice. We all have choices... and if you're making a choice and the price is high, I don't want to hear about how you don't want to do it, or you don't think you should have to. FUCK YOU. Quit the job. Move to another town. Get a cheaper apartment. Take your meds. You deciding that NOT doing the things that would make that situation better because you LIKE what you get out of being in that situation... that's a choice. And I have absolutely no fucking sympathy for you.
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