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I went to get my hair cut today, arriving a crazy 30 minutes early (I just had to get out of the office). I parked in the lot and noticed some guy having to deal with a flat tire.

I could tell he was having some serious trouble... if a fag like me can change a tire, a mixed up straightboy should be able to also. Apparently his beat up old skool, lowered red civic had a completely flat tire leaving the car too low to fit the jack under, thus preventing him from being able to get the car up. It was obvious that he was completely perplexed and had no way of getting this taken care of.

I walked over (I did have time to kill after all) and offered him a hand. Two jacks, one flat tire, one flat spare (which got aired up at the gas station 200 feet away) later and he was up and running.

I don't know his name, he wasn't particularly cute, I didn't get paid or anything. The only thing I got out of was a "Thank you so much..." and ya know what? That makes it incredibly fucking worth it. :)
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