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Hillary vs. History

Everyone's giving Hillary a ton of crap for not apologizing for voting for the Iraq war... ya know what? I LIKE the fact that she hasn't apologized and said "We shouldn't have done that" or any of that. Frankly, it makes me like her more, not less.

Here's the deal: Back-in-the-day when the Bush machine was pumping out details about how everyone had Weapons of Mass Hysteria, chances are even you were jumping up and down screaming "Take out Saddam!" while discussing how we need to protect ourselves from the inevitable threat that was coming at us from anyone in that general vicinity. Hell... even people here were feeling pressure and oppressed because they were being associated with bombers and whatnot.

The truth is, at that point in time, WE ALL BELIEVED what we were being told. We'd just had a massive terrorist event, and we had a government that was telling is ITS ALL THEIR FAULT and we yelled "Go Get'em!" and we've held a grudge against that Saddam guy since the first Iraq war... so sending a sniper rifle with the business end pointed at the guy that was the iconic thorn in our side wasn't a huge jump.

So today politicians everywhere are saying things like "I shouldn't have done what I did and I'm sorry." So back in 2002, knowing what you knew (or thought you knew), believing what you did, and no more than you did, you're saying you shouldn't have done what you did? That's fuckin lame. Looking back, no, maybe it wasn't the best decision to make, but at the time the general consensus was that it was EXACTLY THE RIGHT DECISION TO MAKE. So, you're saying that back-in-the-day you should have decided NOT to do what 90% of people thought was the right thing to do? You would have been out of office faster than Paris out of prison.

So this is why I like Hillary: She's never apologized for making what most believed was the right decision at the time. She did what was necessary given the information she had, she made a decision, and now she realizes we need to spend our time dealing with the negative consequences of a then-positive decision. So today we know more... we realize we got fucked by the Bush administration... yeah... okay... so lets do something about that... but running around saying we shouldn't have done the thing everyone wanted us to... that's what "flip flopping" is really all about.

In my opinion Hillary has integrity. Maybe she is a conniving, crotchety old bitch... but she's not going to say what she once told us was white is now black... and that simple fact speaks volumes to me.
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