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Xanax. Now. Thanks.

The moving process continues... and movers or not, packing sucks. Work is at 110% and moving is stressing me out... though I'm amazingly managing to get things done. I'm happy... but my stress level is severely depriving me of sleep, resulting in the feeling that my head is going to explode... or maybe the tears-based-pressure-release-valve might go off.

All in all though, things are pretty clockwork...
  • PG&E: Done
  • Cable/Internet: Scheduled for Sunday Afternoon
  • Movers: Sunday morning pickup, sunday afternoon drop-off
  • TV: Ordered (I think... bait-and-switch sucks)
  • Receiver: Shipped (woo hooo!)
  • Groceries: Scheduled for Sunday delivery ($381 in groceries! first-time-stocking of a kitchen is intense!)
  • Keys: pick up tomorrow at 4:30
  • Paint: colors picked, tape-off Friday night, paint all Saturday
  • small/sedate housewarming: mid-late January
(am I missing anything???)

All in all, I should be able to actually "live" by sunday night.... but there's so much to buy still... I'm pretty sure Visa's totally loving me right now.
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