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Happy New Year

Well, with 2008 officially upon us, and the world not ending (so far), I hope everyone has a great new year :)

It was kind of fitting for me... with the last-minute changes I've managed to incur on myself having moved into the city 3 weeks ago... to have my best friend here with me, painting my living room, watching TV, and then watching the fireworks from the top of the building. Just about perfect, I'd say. :)

Living on my own is taking some getting used to. There's something to be said for having roommates around all the time to interrupt you and force you to be social... and the reverse effect of having no one around, so sitting in my apartment doing a whole lot of watching.

...at least I got a decent TV to keep me company.

The upside is that this will likely result in a LOT more journal entries this year. Hopefully I'll regain the wit, fun, and occasional insanity that I was once known for.

If I haven't gotten too old. ;)

Happy New Year Everyone... :)
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