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Previous Entry Alanis Jan. 5th, 2008 @ 08:56 pm Next Entry
This comes on the heels of jdhorner  's most recent post that I think of Alanis...

Ya know... she was the one that I grew up with... the one that finally managed to make me feel like there was someone out there that was really saying what I felt, from being fucked over by the man, to suddenly realizing I've been fucked over by a love, to learning that even the pain is worth the experience. I imagine you all felt the same way too, which is why, somewhere, burried under tons of dust and cobwebs and your random copies of Gin Blossoms albums, she's there.

Sure... afterward... after we made her rich by paying her millions of dollars in kudos for expressing how we felt, she got all appreciative on us, but should we really hold that against her?

I don't regret loving Alanis... I regret abandoning her... or at least, I feel like I let her down because she grew up and stopped being angry, and somehow I couldn't. Her music might be quite as catchy or spiteful... but it's evolving... like we should all be evolving... working towards making ourselves better, even if it's a little less flashy.

We should all be so lucky.
Current Mood: thoughtfulreflective
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