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I just love it...

I was walking down the street last night, around 9... listening to my ipod and the sounds of Please Don't Stop the Music thumping in my ears... passing homeless people, seeing the lights of buildings, cars, flashes of airplanes and skyscrapers...

...it felt like the world all belong to the rhythm... everything hooked together somehow... the world was running on my soundtrack....

...and I smiled.

I am absolutely loving this city again... I love it's character... charm... idiosyncrasies... I love hearing the conversation the homeless guy is having with no one, and wondering what he's thinking... I love the guy on the sidewalk doing a dance to music no one can hear, but stuck in a perfect loop... I love the guy that directs traffic despite not working for the city at all.

I love my apartment, despite it's lack of furniture. I love Muni and Caltrain, despite the noise. I love the K/T line, despite it's immenent hangovers. I love jetboyca , despite his occasional unavailability ;), and I love applejohn , despite not being invited to dinner. ;)

I love the freedom I feel being here... the options I have... the forcing of myself to do the cliche despite the cliche.

I love how being here, walking the street, observing more than seeing, makes me feel like I'm part of the soundtrack. That somehow it's become my life, and I'm independent yet intertwined... because I can play any fucking song I want... and it's always mine. :)
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