KuteLuvr (kuteluvr) wrote,

Boys at work...

jetboyca and I go to this restaurant in the Castro occasionally, and more often than not, get the same server. He's cute, and came off with a decent attitude last night. There's been extremely lightweight, infrequent, passive flirting on both sides. I think I might actually be interested...

I have a general hatred of picking up on people at work... especially cute guys in the Castro. I can just imagine being in such a position and getting incredibly tired of all the unattractive people hitting on me all the time. (no, I'm not putting myself in the 'unattractive' bucket... but you get the idea :P)

I'm thinking about going by tonight and just asking "Hey... would you feel like hanging out for a little while after work tonight?" It feels simple and clean and uncomplicated.

Should I?
Tags: boys
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