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1 year later...

It's weird to realize that I've been living in SF for a year now, as identified by my "Time to renew (for more money)" letter.

I did the math... with as often as I'm home, I could live in a hotel for less than I'm paying for rent... so this rent increase is causing me to look for something else... maybe. It's also causing me to realize that I've flushed $36,000 this year down the drain. So, we're considering a 3 step plan:
  1. See if we can convince them to not raise the rent. If so, take it.
  2. ...if not, look for something less and
  3. Begin investigating what it would take to buy a house in this "we'd love to sell it to you but the bank will only finance you with 100% down" market.
Renting sucks. Moving sucks. Staying sucks. I suck.
Well... at least I used to. :P
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