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Famous Again!

From Mr. Roadshow

Q Can you please translate the license plate -- X UTE LVR -- again? I still don't get it. I guess it's supposed to say ex-something lover, but I don't get the UTE. How do you get sport-utility out of that?

Helen Wong

A Auto editor Matt Nauman spotted this plate and believed it meant an ex-sport-utility lover who was driving a sporty coupe, the Infiniti G35. But . . .

Q A co-worker was browsing your Mr. Roadshow Web page and saw the question about the license plate, which I believe is actually mine. It's ``KUTELVR'' not ``X UTE LVR.'' We did a quick check on www.dmv.ca.gov and found that XUTELVR was available, meaning it couldn't have been seen on the road. And considering I own a 2003 Infiniti G35 SportsCoupe, the coincidence is too hard to ignore. It really stands for ``Cute Lover.'' I would have chosen ``KUTELUVR'' but went with this instead, considering the seven-character limit on plates. For the curious, the car is great fun, and still inspires every bit of wow factor that it did the day I bought it. I've hit 140 mph on the road. Thanks for the mention! Very, very cool.

Chris Mullendore
Santa Clara

A Going 140 mph! -- now Matt knows why he mistook one of the letters on your plate.

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