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New BF

WOW I so don't talk on here anymore... real life seems to always prevent success in a virtual life... for me, anyway.

If you're a Facebook fan, this is old news... but I'm officially relationship'd... things are going well overall. He's not getting laid as often as he'd like... but what can I say? I'm old and fat... :P (feel free to spare me the "you're not fat crap"... you don't see me naked... you don't know. :P)

Because of this, I almost never go on A4A/MH anymore... in part because it bothered him... but more because as things have gotten stronger in the relationship, the desire/interest is almost completely gone. The only time it comes up is when I'm traveling... but that's because it gave me something that pretended to be a social life, which is kinda lacking when you're never at home. I have a few FANTASTIC friends I hang with... but that's pretty much it. Otherwise, I'm just not home enough to nurture true friendships. Even my family schedules time with me a month in advance.

Anyway, I kinda miss the hookup sites... but at the same time, I don't want to lead anyone on... and I REALLY don't want the temptation that comes with actually meeting someone... especially some hot-but-crazy 19yo that falls in love after "hello". Yeah... not down wit dat. There's also the minor ego boost... but at this point with my lack of gym time for the past 2 years it's pretty much false advertising anyway. I really should just bite the bullet and cancel the memberships.

Okay... time to get pretty and go tell my customer how messed up they are. Good times.
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