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What a weekend

I just wrote an entire entry with a ton of details about this weekend, and decided to make it private because it might hurt people. My first private entry... but instead I'll say the following things:

I had a great time with my best friend... she and I are just good together in any situation, and that's a big part of why we've lasted 14 years together. She's still my backup plan for marriage... but I guess we'll have to investigate the polygamy option, since she's already married. :P

I want apologize for the drama at the party that I wasn't involved in, but was a direct result of my invitees (and the physical damage apparently inflicted by one). I've learned some lessons this weekend about some people, and I doubt the same mistakes will be made in the near term.

I realized a few more things this weekend, too:
...Friendships fade in and out, and it may not be comfortable, but it's okay.
..."Good" guys aren't "good" all the time.
...just because someone is a "good" guy doesn't make them the "right" guy.
...My insecurities deserve to have someone that will cater to them, out of desire to make me happy or out of just being who they are.
...Most people don't know how to handle their intoxicants.
...Just "being there" for someone can be more powerful, beneficial, and rewarding than "doing" anything.
...I don't want my escape to become my reality.

Last night I decided to take a break from all of the business of the weekend. I went to the KoC because I expected it to be a relaxed, less pretentious, less "exciting" place to chill with some friends that I'm close enough with to enjoy, but not really involved with. I had two cokes (notice the distinct absense of a "rum and..." there), sang a song (I think I did okay for a genre I'm not as familiar with), and went home if not happy, at least content.

What a weekend...
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