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I got played...

I just did a massive posting about it, but decided it can't be made public. But I got played, and finally came to my senses and the full realization tonight. Fucking someone right next to me without even including me is pretty brutally point blank.

The relationship wasn't even fun, really... I don't know why I stuck around so long. He gave me just enough to keep me interested and holding on while he continued to persue every cute boy he could think of. That's what makes him a player, and what shows that I got played... He kept telling me he liked me and made me think he wanted it to grow, when he didn't. He got what he wanted... the cute boy... and moved on.

I'll deal with it the best way I know how... but I got played... and it's very, very frustrating/annoying/painful/uncomfortable/unusual.

We're done.
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