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Previous Entry Etc. Mar. 1st, 2004 @ 11:00 am Next Entry
All at once:

Went and saw this movie with a friend. It was OKAY... not great. It's a murder mystery kinda film... but I figured it out in the first 20 mins of the movie. Granted, there were points at which I questioned my conclusion, but I got it right in the end, and that was that. She was unnecessarily 'angry' and the plot was too stereotypical. Not Oscar material...
After the movie we went to the BoC then the cafe... had a good time, and got more drunk than I've been for a while. GOD I wished I'd already been living in the city by then! Met a really cute french boi that I was drunk enough to talk to... exchanged numbers... possibilities linger...crashed at the friend's place... I wasn't in any position to argue about my ability to drive.
Wake and Shopping
Woke from the friends to the most incredible San Francisco day... walking out of the apt and out to Embarcadero to see a beautiful blue sky with the bay bridge stretching out to the world... if I'd only had a camera...
Went shopping at Valley Faire in San Jose... spent a small fortune... new shirt from Armani Exchange, pair of Lucky Brand Jeans (I'm sorry, but I just feel like these things fit me better than most lately), bought some new face cleanser to try (2 bottles for $100!?!?), bathroom fat monitor scale (9.5%... WOOHOO!), and misc other items. My credit card is exhausted.
The Dreamers & French Boi(s)
Hung out with the french boi from the cafe... went to see The Dreamers. Interesting movie... moderately cute bois... but some of the most fucked up mentalities I could think of. almost on par with some kubrick movies. Then we went to dinner, hung out for a while, then went to KoC.
KoC was fun as usual... people I know, comfortable atmosphere (esp on Sundays)... no complaints whatsoever. Moreover, French Boi, who's still relatively new to the area and really needs some friends, seemed to fit in rather well... made me happy. I hope he had a good time :)
So... all in all, a busy weekend... then I come in to work to see an approval (and a "you're very important message) from my second level director in response to my request for approval to start college (and get reimbursement... woohoo! free degrees anyone?! ;) and that was good too... so now I'm admitted to SF City College for the undergrad BS (since it HAS been 9 years since highschool) and then on to a 4 year degree.

I just need to get my ass up to the city already! ;)
Current Mood: accomplished
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