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faces and faghags...

Work had a christmas party kinda thing today... I'll happily admit that it was much better than I expected it to be. Dinner at a reasonably nice resteraunt, followed by extreme bowling... and we really did have a great time :) (this is of course helped by the fact that I won the last game of the night by a pretty good margin... go me ;))...

While bowling, I ended up talking more with my program manager for our current project... she and I have been getting progressively more open (okay, maybe it's just me opening up to her, but whatever)... and I've been getting a bit more 'gay' around her. Now, normally I keep my business and personal life pretty separate (there are some things I just don't need work to know about ;)... but every once in a great while someone strikes me in a very special way and I open up... I think I swing off into uber-fag territory, probably to freak them out and make sure they'll be okay with "the norm"... then level off to normality and life is happy. If they can handle the extreme (which does still occasionally come out), then they can handle the regular me... and besides, the extreme uber-fag is funny :P... Anyway, we ended up talking and she's apparently into the idea of coming with me (while we're on a BUSINESS TRIP, mind you) to a gay club and go dancing and drinking :) WOOHOO! :) She just rawks :)

...now lets see if either of us have any follow through :P
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