November 14th, 2005



Mezzanine's been open for YEARS in SF, and until this weekend, I'd never, ever been. After some minor encouragement from studlycaps, I decided "[I could] sleep when [I'm] dead" and set out to get there at 11.

After some minor issues, such as forgetting car (and house) keys inside of a locked apartment, we got there at maybe 12ish. I was rather impressed with the space... and dramatically under-impressed with the crowd. Most know that I tend to go for fairly twinky (or, fit but not buffed) guys... and this was definately not the place to find that. The funniest was always the guy that had a decent chest with a huge belly. I can think of justified reasons for this situation to occur, but it was still rather... disgusting unattractive to look at, especially with shirts off. Ew.

I bumped into some people that I wasn't expecting to see... learned some more things that bothered me... and after some immediate reaction-anger, got over it pretty quickly, and with studlycaps and jetboyca, managed to have a really good time.

Will I go back? Maybe... dunno... maybe if the DJ's really good. It's nowhere to be avoided, and yet (being a bit arrogant) as I told my close company, it feels kinda sad to know that you walked in the door with the hottest people in the place. Point being, I'm not going back if I'm looking for anything... that's definately not the place to find it... at least not for me. But, the music was good, and the attention was... inspiring... so maybe sometime. :)