April 5th, 2010


Time to Move On...

Well Livejournal... it's been fun... truly. You've been there with me through a million moments of pain, satisfaction, frustration, happiness, and triumph... but the time has come to move on.

Obviously, I've moved on... I've found a new home at www.facebook.com/cmullendore and we're doing okay. Granted, he doesn't have the deapth that you do... but he's keeping up with me just fine... meeting my needs as they exist today. It helps that we have a much larger common group of friends... common things to talk about... he's reached the critical mass that you might have hoped to achieve, but ultimately failed despite your deeper, more personal nature.

So... this will be my last post in you... for a long while at least. Maybe not 'forever'... who's to say... but at least for the forseeable future. And I won't be reading you anymore either... we've just moved apart... found different paths... and have different things that work for us.

I wish you all the best... and while you may not be right for me anymore, I hope you realize that you're right for others and I hope you treat them well. Maybe they'll be with you for longer than I have been... maybe they have more dedication... or eschoo the larger audience... but regardless, I hope you'll be there for them.

So... goodbye LiveJournal. I've loved you... and we share some of my deepest memories... but the time has come... and ours is now past.

Goodbye, my love...