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Still blah...


Previous Entry Still blah... Mar. 13th, 2004 @ 08:00 am Next Entry
It's officially been over a week that I've been sick. I've gone to the doctor, gotten antibiotics, talked to my boss (who apparently has it), talked to friends... be wary folks... this one's goin around. For me, it's mostly just a severe bronchial cough... feels like bronchitis (which the more I think about I realize is really any illness that affects the bronchial tubes) but lasts FOREVER. It's not that I'm incapacitated in any real way... just that everything is exhausting for some reason. I've decided that despite anything, I'm going to kick life back into gear on Sunday, no matter how I feel. I'm not going to wallow in this any more than I already have.

In other news, soundofthemoon came over last night to pick up my digicam for his trip to Mexico... and we decided to do dinner also. I made a salmon thing which I honestly think could have come out better... but I think my first attempt at risotto turned out pretty good... and the strawberry & white chocolate fondue was pretty fucking incredible if I do say so myself. He's good company... I really can't wait to move in. :)

Today I'm going with my kid sister to see my mom in the central valley. joy. I love my mom and all... but it's always drama because of my stepfather and because she's turning into her mother (make no doubt about it folks... no matter what you do... no matter how you resist... you WILL become your parents). I honestly think the best part about the whole thing will be the drive with my sister, who is probably one of the more stable people in the family, and probably the one I've grown to respect the most.... and I think the feeling is mutual... so it's just "nice". :)

My mom asked me to make her some peanut butter cookies... so... back to that for me... :)
Current Mood: melancholybleh
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