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Plans for Today

  • Call my mother and congratulate her on her prostitution monopoly in the central valley
  • Go to Nevin's AA meeting
  • Congratulate salacious_pop on his divorce
  • Convert my sister to lesbianism
  • Steal her boyfriend
  • Meet up with protonboy for drinks
  • Pay off my credit cards
  • Skydive
  • Impregnate unbreak_able in that natural way that only we can
  • Spend my rent money before the check clears
  • Tell all my friends what selfish, arrogant jerks they are
  • Inform them that I'm better than they are
  • Top cekyr0
  • Quit my job in persuit of my real love, Snow angels
  • Join the moonies cult
  • Run my car off of a cliff for the insurance money
  • Buy another car
  • Ask lorenzosf out on a date
  • Learn assembly
  • Suck myself off
  • Convert Craig to mormonism
  • Have Tammy Faye do my morning makeup (oops... late for that one)
  • Bottom forsoundofthemoon
  • Drive to Hawaii
  • Buy that bridge
  • Listen to at least three country music albums
  • Remind boyfromtomorrow what a miserable person he is
  • Campaign against thatboysf on an ethics-based platform</ol>
    I may think of more to do later, but I think that's enough for now.

    Today IS April fools day... NOTHING in this entry is true... and most of it is actually quite contrary (though maybe occasionally poking fun at some real situations). I'm just playing... I mean it as a joke... bla bla bla :)

    Example: "Tell my friends what selfish, arrogant jerks they are"... none of my friends could remotely fall into that category... and next "Tell them that I'm better than they are" is the funny contradiction to the previous statement... (and I don't really think I'm better than anyone else... no matter what you think... just ask my shrink ;). All in fun.. get over it already ;)
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