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SO almost there... - The highs and lows of KuteLuvr

About SO almost there...

Previous Entry SO almost there... Apr. 6th, 2004 @ 12:14 am Next Entry
I'm SO almost there...

I got all of my furniture on Sunday... started assembling it... didn't finish, but made good progress. Came home a bit early today, and it's ALMOST done. I mean, everything's officially put together... now I have the "put things where they go" phase, and I'm OFFICIALLY done with my room. I so can't fucking wait. And the furniture looks pretty damn good too, me thinks :)

I pretended to be jewish tonight. soundofthemoon had a Sader tonight to mark the beginning of passover. It was interesting. There was some religious conversation that kinda drove me crazy, cuz I'm fairly anti-that... but from a purely cultural point of view, where the idea is to push the background of the jewish culture foreward, it's an interesting concept. You can relate it to ancient tribes telling stories through generations... it may seem boring, but having such a formalized ritual that's regularly experienced A) prevents it from being muddied, becuase it's such a ritual, and B) forces you to remember it with nostalgia because "we used to do it when we were younger". It's just kinda cool like that. The food was yummy too. :)

I'm so happy my room's almost together... it's slowly starting to feel more and more like something I want to call home. That matters a lot to me :)
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