KuteLuvr (kuteluvr) wrote,

Doing Porn...

A friend of mine that I've had a longstanding crush on is talking about doing a porn shoot. He says he really needs the money. This causes me much angst.

For some reason, the minute I find out someone has or is going to do porn, I suddenly lose a LOT of respect for that person. I think I see porn and the porn industry as preying on the desperation of a bunch of kids that just need the money and don't have the foresight to think 10 or 20 years into the future about how the decision they're making will impact their lives.

At the same time, I have even considered this idea... doing porn... with my "new" body and self confidence. I consider how cool it might be to be the one that gets people off... how gratifying it might be to be recognized on the street or in a bar. But there's a flip side to every coin, and those exact things could turn out to be just as annoying as cool. And what about my own self respect and image? I don't know how those would play out. I know I'm not going to run for president or anything, but I also don't know what my future holds... and I'd hate to do things that I know could create limitations going forward.

And then of course, there's the fact that I'm an (active) porn consumer. How can I look at something that I use so regularly as being so bad? Isn't that just a bit hypocritical? (yes).

I dunno. I didn't tell this person about my opinion on the matter. It's their decision that matters... their rationalizations... their conclusions. It's their life they're dealing with, and it's their right to create their successes or failures, pride and regret. I have my opinions (confusing though they may be) and they have a right to form their own conclusions. The one thing I know for certain is that I don't want to be the one to hear later that they regret NOT doing something because the experience would have been enriching to their lives.


It appears that some are thinking I'm talking about ME doing porn... for the record, I'm not. :P
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