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Previous Entry Club21 Dec. 11th, 2003 @ 08:00 pm Next Entry
After a bit of effort, I finally found a couple people in Sac that seem pretty cool thus far... After a bit of discussion we finally agreed to go to Club21, Sac's wedesday night 18+ club. They had set my expectations pretty low ("it's so small", "it's drama drama drama", "we avoid it like the plague"), so when I got there it really wasn't so bad. About the size of the cafe in the city, with a dance floor about twice that size. The place was vacant when we first arrived... it was early... no surprise there.

So I'm standing there having a drink (yes, I'm allowing myself to drink... we need to practice moderation, not absolutism), and who should walk up but Krista! Krista's the very cool friend of my best friend Elyssa... and I was floored! Anyway... Maryanne was there too (not trying to make her sound second best, I love her too, but Krista's the one that walked up to me initially) and we basically hung out all night and danced the night away :)

...of course, my payment for all of this fun was dealing with a hellish workday that was exacerbated by sleep deprivation and dehydration (getting to bed at 2am on a workday is NOT a good plan). Coffee to the rescue! First caffeine in 3 weeks... (see moderation comment above)... but the day went through okay, though I have a ton of work to get done before tomorrow (yeah, right). I'm happy though in that I still ran today... maybe not matching the personal best that I did yesterday, but I ran after having gone out. That's a big deal... I need to convince myself that fun and health aren't mutually exclusive. (again with the moderation stuff).

Hopefully I'm off to Faces tonight (this week is amounting to a thorough introduction to the sac gay scene... fun fun fun :) with Ken, half of the couple I went to Club21 with. Hopefully I can have a good time. Hopefully it's worth going through another painful day like today at work :P (so much for moderation :P)

...I hope the roomservice person is cute... I wonder what he'd do for a massive tip? :)
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