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Birthday weekend


Previous Entry Birthday weekend Apr. 18th, 2004 @ 02:49 pm Next Entry
So, birthday weekend was fun fun fun :)

It started on Thursday (considering I took friday off), going to see Kill Bill pt.1 at salacious_pop. I think I liked it better the second time since I knew what to expect, and could accept the comedy in it.

After the movie I had time to go to KoC to hang with the southbay crowd for my birthday. Had a great time with people, and got more than a little drunk. The highlight of the evening was when we were at Denny's after the bar and someone asked "Do you know what time you were born?". Response: "No! Lemme find out!" <calls Mom.> Did I mention it was 2:45 in the morning? Poor, poor woman. At least I apologized to her the next day, when she was awake :P

So the next day was Kill Bill pt.2. Different movie... different style... but still a fun romp, and cinematic quality to boot. All in all, it was a good movie. I love the bitch-fight scene. :)

Then Cafe on Friday night. I had my hopes up that more of my friends would show up... but only a few, but valuable contingent was in supply. That's okay guys... shit happens (fave current phrase) and I love you all the same. :)

The best part of the weekend was post-Cafe. I met this incredibly cute guy and we ended up coming back to my place with his best-friend-faghag. We hung out for a while and talked, and he decided to stay here while his hag drove home (Reference Margaret Cho's conversation about fags they hag for when the fag hooks up ;)... We ended up spending the night and ALL of Saturday together. I know hookups at the bar are classic trick scenarios... and I'll be honest... I WAS hunting him as a cute boy to have... but we spent some good time together, and I admit that I'm looking forward to seeing him again in a less "huntish" fashion. He lives in Napa, which can be good and bad, but he said he comes to the city often, so I gave him my number and told him to call me when he's back in town.

It's too bad we're both unforgiving tops. :P
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Date:April 18th, 2004 03:06 pm (UTC)
glad you had a good time. perhaps 1 day you will learn the pleasures of versatility. as they say, variety is the spice of life.
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Date:April 18th, 2004 03:12 pm (UTC)

even level

I've tried it... I just haven't enjoyed it with 3/4 of the people I've done it with, leading me to believe that either A) It's just not my cup of tea, B) 3/4 (perhaps more) of the population just isn't very good at topping, C) I wasn't sufficiently into it to enjoy it. In any case, I'm going to wait until I feel like I really want it and my body's ready and I'm with someone worthwhile. I'm sure I'll do it again... but he wasn't there yet with me. Refreshingly, he said essentially the exact same thing to me... so I'm not going to argue with someone that's on the same level as me despite it being counterproductive to my desires. :)
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Date:April 18th, 2004 03:14 pm (UTC)

Re: even level

sounds like a plan and i tend to have to agree, most guys don't know what they're doing. so yeah, take your time with it. no sense in rushing into things.
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Date:April 18th, 2004 03:26 pm (UTC)
glad you had a good time and met a potential, sorry i couldnt make it up. the fone call was definitly classic. heres to more dennys runs, it was fun having you there! :)
Date:April 18th, 2004 04:39 pm (UTC)
glad you had a good time. sorry i wasn't there. but maybe next year?.....
Date:April 20th, 2004 12:10 am (UTC)

Happy B-day!

I looked for the Margaret Cho reference you mentioned, but I couldn't find it. :( The fag-hag thing is still kind of muddled up for me. Some people use it to mean a particular person's fag hag, I've seen it as a sexual orientation?!? which really perplexed me, and I've seen it used to refer to "women (specifically straight ones, apparently) who like hanging out with gay guys."

Hopefully you guys can sort out the top/bottom thing, but at least you both see where each other is coming from.
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