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Birthday weekend

So, birthday weekend was fun fun fun :)

It started on Thursday (considering I took friday off), going to see Kill Bill pt.1 at salacious_pop. I think I liked it better the second time since I knew what to expect, and could accept the comedy in it.

After the movie I had time to go to KoC to hang with the southbay crowd for my birthday. Had a great time with people, and got more than a little drunk. The highlight of the evening was when we were at Denny's after the bar and someone asked "Do you know what time you were born?". Response: "No! Lemme find out!" <calls Mom.> Did I mention it was 2:45 in the morning? Poor, poor woman. At least I apologized to her the next day, when she was awake :P

So the next day was Kill Bill pt.2. Different movie... different style... but still a fun romp, and cinematic quality to boot. All in all, it was a good movie. I love the bitch-fight scene. :)

Then Cafe on Friday night. I had my hopes up that more of my friends would show up... but only a few, but valuable contingent was in supply. That's okay guys... shit happens (fave current phrase) and I love you all the same. :)

The best part of the weekend was post-Cafe. I met this incredibly cute guy and we ended up coming back to my place with his best-friend-faghag. We hung out for a while and talked, and he decided to stay here while his hag drove home (Reference Margaret Cho's conversation about fags they hag for when the fag hooks up ;)... We ended up spending the night and ALL of Saturday together. I know hookups at the bar are classic trick scenarios... and I'll be honest... I WAS hunting him as a cute boy to have... but we spent some good time together, and I admit that I'm looking forward to seeing him again in a less "huntish" fashion. He lives in Napa, which can be good and bad, but he said he comes to the city often, so I gave him my number and told him to call me when he's back in town.

It's too bad we're both unforgiving tops. :P
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