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The Blunt Truth... and that it is... :P

Question Average
 How is my overall physical attractiveness? (Worst == > Best) 8.1 8
 How good is my fashion sense? (Worst == > Best) 7.0 7
 How is my sense of humor? (Very Bad == > Excellent) 7.3 8
 How conceited am I? (Not At All == > Very) 8.0 8
 Am I polite? (No way == > Very) 8.1 7
 Am I honest? (No way == > Very) 7.9 8
 Do you trust me? (Not At All == > Very Much) 6.3 6
 Am I a dedicated person? (Not At All == > Very) 6.2 6
 Am I a player? (No way == > Huge) 8.0 8
 Do I use people? (Never == > Constantly) 6.3 6
 Do I have good morals? (Not At All == > Very Good) 5.2 6
 Am I trustworthy? (Not at all == > Very) 6.7 6
 Am I interesting to talk to? (Very Boring == > Interesting) 7.6 8
 Am I fun to hang out with? (Boring == > Lots of fun) 8.4 7
 Do I have nice lips? (Chapped and dry == > Soft and smooth) 7.8 6
 Am I hypocritical? (Not at all == > Very) 5.0 6
 Do my looks reflect my personality? (Not at all == > Definately) 6.3 7
 Do I swear too much? (Not at all == > Very Much) 4.0 8
 Am I a good listener? (Not at all == > Very much so) 5.5 6
 How mature am I? (Very Immature == > Very Mature) 6.5 8

I sincerely have no issues with the results. I think they're reasonable, and point out some good things... some bad things... but nobody's perfect. Ultimately, though there are some things that I could and may change (not making any promises), some might argue that it's as much our flaws as our graces that make us unique. I notice that though I'm apparently conceited, I'm still "fun to hang out with". This is interesting because most people... even your best friends... commonly have difficulty being so blunt... and I like honesty, so this works for me. Ultimately, I really do like myself and who I've become... I believe I'm a good person and I believe I understand a lot about the world (including that I'll always be learning).

No matter what your comments, no matter what your ratings, Thanks to those that decided to fill it out at all. :)
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