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First fish stocking...


Previous Entry First fish stocking... May. 2nd, 2004 @ 05:25 pm Next Entry
We got a ton of plants and stuff for it yesterday, and our first ACTUAL fish today... a very young betta. He's good for just kinda warming the tank up while it chugs for the first few weeks establishing all of the biological processes. After that's done, I'm thinking I'll move the betta into a small tank I'll keep in my bedroom... I have a smaller tank that I think will fit just right into my shelves. Ultimately, I've decided that discus are my primary objective. They're SO beautiful...

soundofthemoon is so cute... he's getting all into it. New toy. ;) He's doing a lot of reading up and checking into it... it's kinda like a kid that comes home from school with a new toy, constantly going on about all the cute, cool, novel, interesting, exciting, fabulous things he's learned about it.

Maybe it's that "need to care" thing... where you're happier knowing something needs you... that was exactly what got me to get into the fish to begin with. I think it gave me a sense of purpose... the knowledge that I couldn't screw myself over too much because something else depended on me, and I couldn't let that thing down. (not implying that this is how the roomie feels... but to this end, I can understand his interest) :)
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