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Visit to Lammy's...


Previous Entry Visit to Lammy's... Dec. 14th, 2003 @ 07:11 pm Next Entry
I had a lot of fun hanging out with Elyssa this weekend (herein, "Lammy")... she's my bestest, bestest friend ever (to the tune of 13 years or so, me thinks), and time with her is always well spent.

We did basic hanging out... went to Ming's (the chinese resturaunt I grew up with, and hence, my favorite), and Walmart (of all places). Walmart worked though, cuz we both found something we wanted for ourselves, and just agreed to buy it for each other as our christmas presents to each other :) No guesswork... no hoping they'll like it... no disappointment... that works for us :)

I went with her and her mom (Marcee) to a christmas party put on by Marcee's work... and bumped into a couple people I knew there... one of which was Sara. I've known Sara since she was a little girl playing with my little sister Melissa. Well, she's officially grown up, has 2 kids, and is dead set on enjoying the liberties granted to her by her recent 21st birthday. We got off on the gay topic, and ended up discovering something interesting... someone I went to highschool with is a gay porn star! He goes by the name Tony Donovan (real name witheld cuz that's just not cool). He's a couple years younger than me, but we ironically went to a school dance together (well, not together together, but in the same car, cuz the girls we were going with decided to take their so-nice-we-should-be-able-to-tell-they're-gay guy friends. He and I didn't talk... I remember knowing there was sexual tension between he and I then (or maybe just me, but I could still feel it :P)... also, once at the DMV I slipped him my phone number... it wasn't the best situation, but I took the opportunity. He didn't take it well... of course, he then started hanging out with someone I knew was already a porn star, and so it's not a complete surprise that he ended up there too. Anyway, Sara knew all about this amazingly enough, and told me where to look it up. Another amazing relation... I have one of his videos! :P I remember watching it and thinking "hey... that looks just like *******!"... and now I guess I should just my judgement more ;)

I may be terrible with names... but I don't usually forget a face... especially one that I wanted :P

Anyway... came home... worked out... managed to run a full 3 miles again... go me :) (and that's after a weekend of alcohol and caffeine... I think I may really be able to integrate these two facets of my life)...

life is good :)
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