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Okay... my body and mind are fighting me hard, and I think it's time to pay attention. For a while I was hardcore taking care of myself... fitness.. eating right... no smoking... no drinking... no nothing.... and I was really happy. My head leveled out, my body felt good, and I was proud of myself.

With my move to the city, that's all changed (it started before I moved, but it's taken a nosedive since I got here). Now, my room is finally fully put together... I don't have to pay any more double-rents... I'm starting to kinda see someone that I'm kinda starting to like... it's time to put it all back together.
    So... the rules are:
  • No more smoking.
  • No more drinking on weeknights (I may go out, but I'm not going to drink if I can help it)
  • Bedtime at regular hours on weeknights.
  • Give my job it's fair level of attention
  • Cut back on major spending.
  • Go to the gym on a very regular schedule.
  • No more staying at the SO's place on a weeknight.
I know I won't be perfect, and there will definately be moments, but I think I'm due for another serious attempt... and when I feel good about myself again (not that I feel bad, mind you, but I'm definately run down) I may back off or grant certain allowances... but right now, I know what made me happy, I know that letting go makes me happy in the moment at the expense of many, many moments after that.

Time to make it all better again.
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