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Love's Discovery (and the discovery of it)

Last night, soundofthemoon and I went to René Capone's show opening. It was cool to finally meet someone that I've heard a lot about, and who's art captivates so many people.

After some browsing around, talking to people about the pieces, I narrowed it down to two that I liked the best, though in equal yet extremely different ways: one was an abstract, the other male form.

In the end, I chose the male form, and I really, really like it a lot. In fact, the more I look at it, the more I like it... the more the nuances seem to weave their way into my heart. I feel like it's such an endearing piece... full of emotion that can go a million different ways. I truly think it's a great work.

When I went to pick it up today, I also got to hang out with René for a bit. It's an incredible experience to be able to actually talk to the artist... it gives a feeling and depth to the art... a sense of reality about the investment the person made into it.

I hope he's as satisfied with it's new owner as I am to have it.
Love's Discovery
by René Capone
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