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Hi ho, hi ho....

It's been almost 2 weeks since I've gone into the office... and here I sit now. It's like I'm visting someone else's space that just happens to have all of my stuff in it... like an internship or something.

I talked to my boss about going on a permanent work-from-home schedule. I did the typical lead-in by asking "So, do you feel my performance for the past two months has been up to par?" and mentioned after he confirmed that it had been decent, said "you know... I've only been in the office for about 4 hours a week in that time...". He did seem somewhat surprised at that (oops). He said that his boss isn't generally approving of such things... which is really annoying considering we just got a message from the EVP of HR (our boss' boss' boss' boss) making it clear that she supports such things (and putting clear allowances in place for reimbursement of work-at-home expenses, so her money-where-her-email is). To quote one of my best friends when talking to her then boyfriend, "This is what we bitches call 'mixed signals'".

It's kinda sad that I can work at 1/4 of my pace and still meet expectations of my management, and appear fully engaged. I honestly think I'm just bored... maybe working on my resume would be more interesting :P
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