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Well... with my first real posting in almost 2 weeks I was going to say something cute and witty... but I noticed it was rapidly plunging into the mean and bitchy category... so starting over...

Lets see... there's been gayday at Great America... Harry Potter... Napa... and work. That about sums it up. And boy. Can't forget boy.

The long and short of it is that I've been spending an AWEFUL lot of time with this one... and I know my last posting was all about saying the "I love you's"... the great thing is that I don't really regret it (after a whole big two weeks). I do love the boy... he's great... and we're learning to deal with each other a lot... me learning to be okay to just say "you guys have fun... I'm gonna go do my downtime thing"... him learning to accept that my needing downtime is really no reflection on him whatsoever.

Harry Potter was okay. Yes... despite all the conversations I've had, I'm giving it a "just okay."... and believe me, I'm a TOTAL fan. I've heard a lot of people's opinions of why the movie was better and worse.... I think my position is that no matter how the movie stands on it's own (for the record, I think independently, it was a pretty good movie), the reality is that it's just too much of a break from the fairytale style of the previous two movies to make the third one feel like a continuation. It just wasn't the story I was used to... what I was prepared to see. Yes, I knew the details... new Dumbledore... new directory... darker material, etc... but it still didn't have the feel that I was looking for from the movie. Even the stupid choir singing "something wicked this way comes" was really, really lame and unnecessary... the Harry Potter tune that we've all come to recognize was really nothing more than a lingering memory in the feel of the movie. I missed it.

I was in a not-so-great mood tonight. I've spent the last four nights with my boy... and we spend a lot of time together anyway... we talk on the phone on an at-least-daily basis.... so tonight, coming home from Napa (his place) after an incredible, incredible weekend (including one stupid spat that was at least a fair 50% my fault admittedly) and hanging out at the house just makes me feel kinda alone. This is what we call Codependancy, isn't it? Fuck it... I like being with the boy, and after getting used to being with him, I miss him. In a couple of days I'll be fine. :P

Okay... no more grasping at straws about things to write about. Next time will be more interesting as I return to the normal flow of writing... I've just been busy lately :P
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