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And then there was one, and it wasn't Madonna...

Well... that's done. For a brief while, I was dating two people... and over time, my heart made it's own decision as to who it really wanted. Unfortunately, in the process I'd given one of my Madonna tickets to the other one.

The long and short of it was that the first found out about the second because of my comment of going to see Madonna. He knew about "someone else" or "not the only one"... but having it directly visible, present, and then having me apologize for it and make a big deal of it, wasn't a good thing. I talked with the first, and had an incredible and terrific conversation about "us". Then I called the second and had a talk about "us" (and/or lack thereof). In the end, I opted to give the second my ticket to Madonna and told him to find a friend to go with.

There's a lot of ways to look at it... such as it being a way to buy my freedom from guilt... but that's not really the case. I had already given the second the ticket, and asking for it back would have been kindofa rude thing to do. The first was uncomfortable with the idea of me going, despite giving me the okay to go anyway. I decided I didn't want to disrespect either of them... so I left the decision to the second. If he wanted the ticket, he could have the other ticket and he could have a good time with a friend. If he didn't want the ticket, I'd go with the first. In any case, the romantic moments with the Second and I were pretty much over. He chose to take the ticket (I can't really blame him). He offered to pay for it... I told him that wasn't necessary.

See, thing is, I feel very fortunate. I've gotten the chance to date two incredibly wonderful people. I have complete respect for both of them, and so I did what I thought was the most respectful thing I could. I'm happy with the conclusion. I'll see The First tonight, and The Second and I have agreed that we really want to stay good friends... or friends at least... there's no love lost, no harm done, and everybody gets a winning ticket.... even if it's not to a Madonna concert... :P
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