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Might as well face it, I'm addicted to porn...

I admit... I don't keep track of my porn subscriptions. I do generally get the email confirmations (when i'm not dealing with my own victimization through owning my own mail server)... especially with the recent switch of email servers.... there are a ton of addresses that I no longer get emails for. But I don't keep track of them like I should... especially when I want to cancel them.

It's not like I'm in a "responsible" frame of mind when I sign up for one of these things anyway. I'm usually horny as hell, bored of any existing subscriptions I may have, and looking for something new. I start bouncing around the thousands of popups or banner ads that just happen to have some really hot boy in them, and eventually hit something with some super-cute guy that I just HAVE to see. This is the override moment where my brain entirely cedes management to my dick because it's intelligent enough to know that in a fight for control, it would lose anyway. So my brain hands my credit card to my dick and walks away to wash it's hands of any responsibility of my actions. Along with it seems to go my ability to have any recollection of what my dick did in it's moment of driven horniness... and my dick doesn't seem to have much in the way of brain cells, so asking it to remember what it did seems a little dumb. So next time around, my brain is once again not around to say what we did last time, my dick is in control, and it's looking for something new. Woohoo! Lets subscribe TWICE! (no, I'm not generally that dumb... but I do think it has unintentionally happened)

So now I'm watching the rebills come across my account... ibill... ccbill... and a myriad of others. Of course, these companies know this process perfectly, and use it to their advantage. "in order to find your subscription, please provide your credit card number and email address or subscription ID number. It's not like my credit card can be enough... nooooo... the one thing that my brain can use to correct the actions of my dick, and they have to make it complicated. In all honesty, I can't continually blame them though. My problem isn't that I give them my credit card number... it's allowing my dick to have my credit card to begin with. :P

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