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Austin, San Jose, Sisters, and Pride

I've noticed that since I've been seeing someone, and perhaps even since I've been living in the city, I've become more and more of an online flake. I'm almost never on AIM anymore, which is tough, because that was once the primary method of getting ahold of me... and seldom return emails, and more recently, I almost never put stuff in my journal. I think I've managed to get a fairly decent life that doesn't seem to need to use the online world as my connection point. Maybe rather than being distressed at change, I should be embracing and approving of myself for building true in-person social connections, even if that means sacraficing my online persona. In any case, I'm sure I'll survive... and feel free to send me a text message or call me (provided you have the number) to hang out, since I'm apparently not online.

This week the majority of my distraction has been from Austin, my new boy. (I'm finding myself somewhat shocked to realize we'll have been dating for 2 months on Wednesday.) We've spent an insane amount of time together this past week and weekend due to friends and family introductions (I met his friends this past week... he met my kid sisters this weekend). Most of my friends would call this falling into a boyhole... and they might be right to a certain degree... but I think it's temporary, facilitated primarily because he's in-between jobs (by choice) and just has a lot of time. Once he decides to start working again (supposedly in the next couple of weeks) life should return to normal.

This weekend consisted of gay pride in san jose on Saturday. I had volunteered to work the booth, since HP is a major supporter. I hate the fact that the people there complained about a lack of interest in attending the booth, they were SO LAME about it. I mean, it was just "a booth" with a bunch of chatchkis thrown in.... frisbees and such. They didn't attract any attention... they didn't push HP's brand or inclusion or anything. It was a hand shit out to anybody that walks by kinda thing. Pissed me off. I decided to grab armloads of frisbees and start walking around, handing them out, and talking to people about how great HP was to work for, how good their products are (heh), and just playing with kids and making myself visible. I probably handed out a couple of hundred of the things... and perosnally, I think I made more of a difference AND had a better time than sitting in a booth doing nothing would have ever added up to. Morever, as a printing and imaging company, we should be able to do some really cool stuff with that... I mean, people like their pictures taken at events, right? What if we took a bunch of HP cameras and took people's pictures for them, giving them a website to 'claim' their picture? Or, what if we had a rack of printers pumping out pictures, showing off the high quality of our cameras and printers? These things could be major promotional areas... but we apparently don't do that. Lame ass group... I'm gonna fix this, me thinks ;)

Anyway... time to take soundofthemoon to the airport for his daytrip... ciao! :)
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