KuteLuvr (kuteluvr) wrote,

Pink Party and Pride Usurption

Friday: Austin came down from Napa for the expected weekend. We went out in the attempt to get "a drink" and saw the lines for the bars... DOWN THE BLOCKS. No fuckin way. We didn't need to get laid, have a drink, show ourselves off, meet with strangers, boy oogle, be prideful, NOTHING bad enough to stand in those lines for bars that we can go to every single day. No thanks. We turned around and went home with the acceptance that the energy saved Friday night could be perhaps more effectively spent Saturday night anyway.

Saturday: And holy fucking shit did we ever. First there was just lounging around the house doing a whole lotta nothing. We just didn't feel like doing anything and the extreme lines outside the bar yesterday just didn't make the entire concept seem any more appealing... yet we suddenly realized that (as reported by several others on Thursday) we still had the VIP passes for the Boys-to-Men Gulch/BelAmi/Colt promotion, and we should probably do that and see our friends, so off we went. Cutting the long story short a bit, we met (again) Sebastian, Johan, and Lucas, with pictures and autographs... then the colt boys, which aren't my type at all anyway, but I got them pics so they felt included. Then we wandered off to the cafe for a drink or two and start the pink party off right. After two games of pool, one which I almost one, except for scratching on the 8, and the other which Austin WHIPPED MY ASS at and litterally cleared the table (I had my entire set of solids left on the table save 1), we wandered off to the BoC where (I lost the autographed porn pictures) and then hung out with Stacie(?) who needed to run off to the dyke parade. Austin on one hand, me on her other, and her tits just hanging out for the world to see. She was cool though, we think. Austin and I got separated and ran back to the house to get his phone, when he called me and we resync'd. Later We found some very, very interesting events going on at the house, chatted for a bit, changed and left to trapse the castro. Austin's drunkness turned on and he turned into the completely self-phaubulous, swishy, you-can't-have-me-but-feel-free-to-try kind of attitude he gets. We played with boys, got in a minor spat (Drunk people...huh) got better and went out again. We found ourselves at the Cafe once more (Since we could bypass the phuck-all long line again due to our prior entry and stamp) and drank the night away with everyone we could talk to. Close the night with me in bed hurling in my garbage can and my baby taking care of me, cleaning up, rinsing the can as I pass out (that's LOVE, people), fade to room-spinning-black.

Sunday: Nothing. Nothing at fucking at all. Saturday night kicked our asses, so we just stayed home and that was that, snacking everything in sight.... watching Sex and the City ALL day. Our first venture outside of the house was around 8ish (pm) when we went to Zapata for some mexican food and brought it back home. More SatC... let Austin's indoctrination begin. :)

We talked about it, and we decided we don't feel bad about missing the parade and festivities... I mean, first, there's always next year, and second, we had our fun Saturday night... what were we going to do at Pride other than talk to people, drink, eat, and spend money.... No... I had enough of Saturday night already... I didn't need a part 2. The nice thing is today I can work and my hangover and hung out to dry.

Austin starts his new job tomorrow... kick ass money AND a clothing allowance! COMPS! HOLY FUCKING SHIT I need to quit this computer job shit :P Should signal a return to normal life during the weekdays when I very well may actually see friends again :P
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