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NOT out drinking with the BF...

We went out to dinner with a friend... and after the couple of drinks before/during dinner, they wanted to go to the bar. It was funny to hear a vote happen, followed by "two-out-of-three wins". Yeah. Right. This just preceeds the quizzical/pissed look that comes as I say "Well, I said I only wanted one or two drinks tonight... you two have fun, I'm going home." It's not that I want him to have a BAD night... but I had definately framed what I was up for, as had the friend.

So now I'm home and he's out with J... and that's fine... what annoys me most is the crunchy feeling that I wasn't going to stay out with them. Sorry... but I've got a long list of reasons, not the least of which is that tomorrow's not MY day off. I have to be up reasonably... I don't want to be drunk... I don't want a hangover... and to be perfectly honest, I wasn't looking forward to him being drunk. He even said to me less than 2 days ago... "I don't like me when I'm drunk". Well... I realized that I really don't either... and I could see that coming out tonight, and decided that I didn't want to be around it... so I went home.

I sincerely hope they have a decent night out for a while... and at the same time, I hope he comes home early enough to not be waking me up to get in the door... and he's probably not getting laid tonight. Sloppy drunk sex is only acceptable when BOTH parties are drunk. I'll probably just want to go to sleep and avoid having to actively engage the drunk person that I don't like any more than he does.

(for what it's worth, banging around my mind is the feeling that these are the moments that define where the relationship is going to lead. We need to be able to deal with each other in not only our stellarly happy times, but in our times of difference of opinion or action. I seriously do hope he has a good time being out... it's his night off, he had a hard week, and he deserves it... but I hope he can respect my position too... though I think I'll do my best to avoid that decision until the sober person comes back and has something to say on the matter.)
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