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AT&T/Cingular War

I've been annoyed as all hell with my cell service for the past few months. Ever since the AT&T/Cingular merger went through the service as SUCKED. "No Network", "No Access", "BEEP BEEP BEEP", that stupid "no calls allowed" symbol... I just haven't been able to use my phone how I used to... and I'm fairly certain it's not the phone (it's a Sony Ericsson T616... EVERYBODY has this phone), and everyone I know has been complaining about the issues.

So I made it my point to call on an almost weekly basis, and finally said something similar to "look, if you didn't have me locked into a contract, this call would be about cancelling my service... so I need you to make this better." I was really only looking for a $20 credit on my service or something. Instead I got a new Motorola T721 for free, a $20 call credit, and no mandatory contract renewall (read: I can still cancel if I want in August, I think). This only worked because I just happened to be standing in an AT&T Wireless store when I was talking to the customer care guy and said "Well, in your own store, the Sony Ericsson shows "No Access", the Siemens shows "No Network" and the Motorola has full signal... tell me how that works". He did have an answer except "Well... I can send you the one that apparently works". Okay... that's fine... I'll take it :)

What's the lesson here folks? BITCH, BITCH, BITCH!

So now I've got a new cellphone, and have to relearn it's quirks, but maybe (despite what I believe) the service will be better with it... and I can still switch to Sprint when my contract's up anyway. it's even a little bit smaller... hopefully it still fits in my ashtray ;)
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