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Firecracker, not TNT


Previous Entry Firecracker, not TNT Jul. 8th, 2004 @ 09:40 am Next Entry
Well, I have to say that though it's good Austin and I have issues (it gets things out in the open... I can't call that a bad thing, no matter how uncomfortable it may be), I'm still happy they build and resolve quickly... I don't think either of us likes to let things linger (though I'm probably more needily immediate in that respect).

In the end I think after all of the punchiness, snippiness, and annoyances, we just needed someone to make a jump and show some affection... so after some extended conversations on the phone last night (where we discussed many of our (my?) issues) things closed on a communicative, but still uncomfortable note... and he had turned his phone off, meaning he was sufficiently bugged to not want to deal with anything else. I couldn't handle it... so at 12am I drove over to where he was (fortunately he was in the city). He knew I was supposed to be up at 5am... he knew I was exhausted... but I needed him to know that I couldn't leave us in a not good place... and showing up conveyed that. All I needed to do was look at him and he got the glassy look in his eyes, and we both kinda knew what we needed to, and were happy with each other again.

I think it's a bit overly dramatic... but all is better, and that's what matters. We're gonna pick up some of the slack on our independent lives. Austin's analogy was good... "You may love chocolate, but if you work in a chocolate store, you start to get sick of chocolate... maybe we've been spending too much time in the store."(para) We agreed we're not going to "take some time off"... that feels like a bad thing... but we both think we have lives that we've been ignoring that need some attention... work, friends, "stuff"... and we'll be able to spend time together next time talking about how things have been dealing with those things.

So, back to normal, all systems go, stand down red alert, yay. :)
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