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We Like to Party!


Previous Entry We Like to Party! Jul. 11th, 2004 @ 12:44 pm Next Entry
It annoys me that the success of a product is dependant on marketing. On one hand I look at marketing as intended to delude a person that doesn't need something into believing that they do, up to and including complete brainwashing. On the other hand I see that without marketing we wouldn't know that products are even out there or exist. Unfortunately there's no good way to reconcile these issues, since in the process of telling us a product exists, it must also help us understand what it's purpose is and why it's beneficial.

This all comes from the fact that Vengaboys "We Like to Party" is currently at the top if the iTunes Music Store's "Today's top songs" list in the Dance section.... and you know why it's suddenly popular? Those fucking Six Flags commercials with the dancing guy. Take an old product, wrap it in a new marketing campaign, and watch the incidentals sell like hell. They're probably more likely to sell copies of the song than tickets to the theme parks... but hey... it IS a fun song, no matter how stupid it may be.

It's just impressive how the marketing campaign has reminded people that the song exists, and that they actually did like it.

Let the brainwashing begin... :)
Current Mood: sickhungover
Current Music: We Like to Party (Klubheads Remix) ~ Vengaboys
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