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For my baby...

I know I've voiced issues about Austin and I in the past. The thing to keep in mind is that the things I put down in my journal are almost always representative of a moment, rather than a long term state... so if I say things about Austin and I have issues, or whatever, they're more representative of how I feel at that particular moment than the underlying thread of things. Underneath it all is (hopefully) a more consistent feeling that is apparent in the duration of life despite the moment I'm pointing my finger at.

That being said, I bought this for my baby last week:

For the record, it is not an engagement ring. Neither of us are quite THAT stupid... but we are considering it a promise ring. It symbolizes a promise of love, consideration, and dedication... nothing more, nothing less.

What's funny is that everyone he's shown it to has immediately asked "Does he have one?", to which he replies no... and then proceeds to justify the offended-on-behalf-of look on their faces... I don't need one back... but it's funny that he's being antagonized about it. (though yes, it would be sweet ;)
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