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Previous Entry ...at the corner of Gay & Gay. Sep. 16th, 2004 @ 12:43 pm Next Entry
I'm not going to feign any of the "I'll never ever leave again" crap. I'll post when I feel like it or when I have something to say. It may not be every day, or every week. A month may go by without so much as a peep. My perogative. :P

There are some serious firsts in my life... first time REALLY moving in less than six months... first time living at Gay & Gay... first time "playing manager" at work... first time (okay, not FIRST first time, but first time in a long time) being with someone for 5 months (today, no less)... first time for lotsa stuff... so lets tackle these one by one...

  • Living with soundofthemoon wasn't bad, wasn't great, but was more than reasonable. I think he and I can both say that it doesn't quite yet compare with either of our previous ideal roommate situations, it was livable, and there aren't any real regrets anywhere. I can say he was right... the new place is loud... but being at the corner of 18th and Castro (directly opposite Harveys, above Ritz Camera... see that first floor window around the bend? That's mine. Shows nightly.) I think volume is to be expected. Most people from New York will say if it's too quiet, they can't sleep... I can't wait to get to that point.
  • My manager at work has been sucked off onto some major enterprise project... so in the meantime, he delegated his work to someone else. Well, that guy's wife just had a baby, so he went on maternity leave... so everything fell to me. Then we lost an contractor to another group (he didn't defect... they sucked him over with a project he worked on), and another one to Microsoft (can't blame him). All in all, it's been chaos, but fun. I'm getting kudos from everyone I talk to (although one has to question how many are just kissing ass), including my boss and his boss... things are getting done, and I feel like I'm helping to move us in a better direction... and the people I talk to agree... so I'd say I'm doing well, and it's more interesting than just developing stuff. I get to use my knowledge to influence how a lot of people do stuff... and that's a lot more gratifying for me.
  • Austin and I are still going strong. 5 Months. Sheesh. That's like someone with one leg winning a marathon. But, he's great. We do have issues... and we argue... in fact, I walked out on him last night out of frustration... but we always work it out. He says he's "emotional" and I'm "logical". That might explain why half the time he just doesn't make sense to me... but we've never had an issue go overnight... and there's never been something we couldn't just talk about (or yell about, but hey, whatever works). We're good. Very good. forever? ...maybe... but lets cross that bridge when we get there.

So now I get to run off and play manager some more while we celebrate our system at work making 1 million visits. I get to dial into the phone... woo. hoo. ;)
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Date:September 16th, 2004 02:07 pm (UTC)
congrats on all the good stuff, and to hell with the people who give you shit for not being around. you ARE missed tho ;). take it easy bub.
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