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Post-party post

Here I am... sitting at home... my emotions still lacking in any form of existance. For the most part the only reason I'm doing this post is because I'm bored.

"The Bitch" did Austin and I a wonder of good...which is impressive considering how good we are to begin with. We were fairly perfect with each other and our communication and understanding, accomidation and "agree-to-disagree" times. Party night was an explosion of openness, honest, emotion, and intimacy (as she is prone to do). At this point I can say that I remember many of the emotional bonds can be somewhat false, and the intensity is induced... but the one thing you can't change is the words that are said... and neither of us have any complaint about those. We talked about the arguments we've had (the precious but valuable few), our perspectives and how we felt... understanding that we need.. bla bla bla (stopping before you hurl). Our relationship didn't need what it got... but I think it will be very appreciative of what was given.

I'm sorry I wasn't more hang-outy at the party... didn't chat with friends as much... but I definately got what I needed, and paid attention to what I wanted.

I'm really, really, really happy that those two things just happened to intersect with my boyfriend.
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